SMART Water Meter Solutions

Smart Water Meters are becoming an essential component for water authorities and housing developers. As the world is perishing the scarcity of water, these smart water metering solutions are being recognized as a breakthrough innovation in solving challenges associated with efficient water management.

The increasing efforts by water authorities around the globe are driving the smart water meter market. According to a report by MarketandMarket, the global smart water metering market is projected to reach USD 9.6 billion by 2024 from an estimated USD 5.9 billion in 2019, at a CAGR of 10.3%.

Replacing the traditional manual water gauges, the smart meter solutions allow utilities and consumers to optimize the water usage, enhance water distribution network by reducing the water consumption around the cities.

GLODEC Solutions is proud to provide smart water metering solutions with AMR / AMI technology that encompasses the automatic collection of water consumption, diagnostic, billing, troubleshooting, and analysis.

What is AMR and AMI?

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is the technology of automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic, and status data from water metering devices and transferring that data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analysis.

Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) is an architecture for automated, two-way communication between a smart utility meter with an IP address and a utility authority.

Benefits of AMR & AMI :

  • Eliminate water meter reading from each water meters
  • Eliminate human reading error
  • Eliminate false water meter reading
  • Eliminate estimated billing
  • Enable quick identification of faulty water meters or fraud
  • Enable detection of water leaks

GLODEC Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Solutions

GLODEC offers both wired and wireless SMART Metering Solution.

GLODEC Wired SMART Metering Solution

Wired SMART Metering Solution is suitable for high rise buildings, such as condominiums and apartments which eliminate the needs of water utility operator to go up to each floor to collect the water meter reading.

Wired SMART Metering Solution is beneficial to housing developers to gain GBI (Green Building Index) as they can install it during the development stage. Installing the system after the property is completed will only lead to extra costs due to additional infra works.


  • Suitable for high rise buildings
  • Lower CAPEX cost
  • 1-2 dataloggers per floor
  • Dataloggers of each floor are looped to the ground floor
  • Depending on building’s power source

How Wired SMART Metering Works?

The Wired SMART Metering Solution consists of a water meter, sensor (G-Senz) and data collector (G-Hub). Each water meter is installed with a G-Senz sensor. Water meters installed on the same floor are connected to the data collector (G-Hub). Each floor will have 1 unit of G-Hub and each G-Hub will be connected to the one at its lower unit. The G-Hub at each floor will be looped to its lower floor unit via an Ethernet cable. The lowest floor unit will be connected to the JMC control or database for water meter reading and billing. You can also add a wireless module at the control centre to send the water utilities to a cloud database.

Products :

G-Senz 01 (Sensor to use with George Kent water meter)

G-Senz 02 (Sensor to use with Delta Perdana water meter)

G-Hub (Data collector)

GLODEC Wireless SMART Metering Solution

GLODEC Wireless SMART Metering Solution is suitable for landed properties, such as terrace houses, commercial shop lots, and factories. It eliminates the needs of the water utility operator to travel around to collect the water meter reading.

GLODEC uses Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN), namely NB-IoT protocol to transmit the data in 2 ways communication – from meters to the cloud and vice versa.


  • Suitable for landed properties
  • Higher CAPEX cost
  • 1 Meter Interface Unit (MIU) per meter
  • Each MIU transmit to the cloud
  • MIU has individual battery


How Wireless SMART Metering Works?

GLODEC Wireless SMART Metering is based on NB-IoT protocol. NB-IoT offers wide coverage with lower power consumption and it also helps water utilities to minimize water leakage, reduce water usage, and improve water management. The connected water meters send the data through NB-IoT protocol which then transmitted to GLODEC MDMS through the telco’s IoT platform. Further, the data can be accessed by the water utilities by using our online application and apps (G-Visio). With this software, the operator can read meter flow, perform data transfer and view maps. The consumer can check the water usage report too.

GLODEC Wireless SMART metering solution provides a simple network infrastructure with national coverage. It is easy to install and requires no repeaters and gateway. It also allows easy scalability for mass deployment and lesser breakdowns.

Products :

G-Flow B15 (DN15 Brass Housing Water Meter)

G-Flow P15 (DN15 Plastic Housing Water Meter)

G-Senz 03 (NB-IoT Meter Interface Unit)

G-Visio (Software)