SMART Delivery Robot

SMART Delivery Robot is an innovative solution which changed traditional human manual handling work to an automated delivery system by using self-operated robots.  Self-operated robots allow humans to reduce time spent on delivery activities and focus on other better valued activities.  The closest example in our daily life would be delivery robots delivering the foods, beverages, dishes, utensils, and even napkins to the customers.  SMART Delivery Robot is worth implementing as it is an affordable automated solution with good ROI.


How SMART Delivery Robot works?

SMART Delivery Robot operates with integrated multi sensors including Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) and vision camera to achieve robot positioning, precision map building, autonomous navigation planning, and intelligent obstacle avoidance.  These technological advantages help the robot to overcome complicated indoor scenarios in a work area and execute tasks efficiently.

SMART Delivery Robot can be used in various scenarios :

  1. Restaurant & cafe
  2. Hospital
  3. Hotel
  4. Office
  5. Nursing home
  6. Shopping mall
  7. Internet cafe
  8. Family KTV

Features and Benefits of SMART Delivery Robot:

  • Contactless Delivery
    • Reduce human contact frequency
    • A simple way to adapt to new normal
  • Delivery Expert and Good Helper
    • Execute human delivery tasks
    • Minimize human time spending on delivery tasks
  • 3D Obstacle Avoidance
    • Ensure the safety of the working area
    • Detect obstacles precisely
  • Cost and Efficiency
    • Reduce non-value added activities
    • Affordable robots with good ROI

SMART Delivery Robot